How to Choose the Right Table for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Table for Your Business

In order to choose the best table for your business you need to find a table that fits in your budget, fits in your space, is solidly constructed, and matches the style of your business. It is important to keep all these factors in mind when choosing your table.

Use Your Measuring Tape

The number one rule for choosing tables is making sure that they fit your space! You need to know how much seating you would like to get in your allotted area in order to make the best decision possible when choosing your tables for your new business.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Table Top


Solid wood is durable and easy to repair which makes it a good choice. It is important to remember that wood expands and contracts depending on humidity/heat and it can show scratches and wear, but it is not difficult to repair.


Some types of stone table tops include quartz composite, cast stone or marble. Stone is quite durable and absorbs stains easily but if there are any chips or cracks it can be difficult to repair. These tops are also heavy which will require a stronger table base.


Glass table tops are relatively inexpensive and can include tinted, frosted or clear versions. These tops aren’t susceptible to moisture, but they can chip or crack and show fingerprints.


Metal table tops can include stainless steel, zinc, brass or lacquered though these are more common in bases than tops.

Plastic & Laminates

These man-made materials which are either molded into a shape or glued onto plywood are an inexpensive option. Laminates last quite a while and are resistant to stains but can be perceived as cheap. You can see our selection laminate table tops here.

Choose a Table Base That Suits Your Needs


One of the most commonly used and price effective tables bases offered on the market makes the T-Leg a top choice for many businesses. You can see our selection of T-leg bases here.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is sturdy and looks great! It is also very price conscious which makes it a fantastic choice for new restaurants. You can see our selection of cast iron bases here.

Post legs

Post Legs are highly flexible in what they can do, and they look fantastic in most environments. You can see our selection of post legs here.

Once you have selected the table base and top you want to make sure that they are compatible and get the proper number of table bases for each top. We hope this guide helps you making the choice on your tables for your business. If you have any questions about table, please feel free to call us at 678-387-5066.