Where To Buy Table Legs?

Where to Shop For Table Legs

How easy it is it make your own table, you ask?

Have you been shopping around for the perfect table, to no avail? What if I told you that you might get exactly what you want by making it yourself?

You can shop around and buy the perfect set of legs to anchor your dream table, whether it’s a coffee table, dining table, side table, or even outdoor patio set.

DIY tools for creation of a table

Start by finding a great tabletop to suit your needs. Get creative and upcycle an old door into a dining room table, put new legs on your existing tabletop, or tap into your love of woodworking and transform some raw wood into something built exactly to your specifications.

Start a DIY project to create a custom table

You always can find more information about how the legs you purchase need to attach, but it’s often as easy as using simple hardware to attach the leg to the underside of the tabletop.

Ready to find the perfect legs for your next project?

Post Legs

At the top of the list as one of my longtime favorites, Post Columns can make a table out of anything. Available in a variety of lengths, select your tabletop of choice and use the legs to make a bench, a coffee table, or a studly, industrial dining room table.

Modern Looking Desk made out of post columns in 2018
Industrial Designed Desk

This desk was made with a frame of black steel pipe and oak plywood. For a more finished look, it has been covered the exposed edges with iron-on wood-veneer edge banding.

Desk from steel plumbing pipes